Space North launched to improve infrastructure and encourage collaboration


Space Hub Yorkshire can announce the successful launch of Space North, a project funded by the UK Space Agency to boost Space sector growth across the UK.

Space North is a collaborative initiative aimed at positioning Northern England as a premier destination for investment in resilient communication technology. Building upon the successes of existing cross-cluster collaborations, Space North unites three thriving space clusters: Space Hub Yorkshire, The North West Space Cluster and Space North East England. These clusters, with their complementary strengths in resilient communications and geographic proximity, form ideal partners for the initiative, fostering innovation, technological prowess, and knowledge exchange to bolster the UK’s global competitiveness in communications technology.

The initiative is structured around several key components:

Capability Mapping: A comprehensive mapping exercise across the three cluster regions provides insights into the state of the resilient communications industry in North England. By engaging partner clusters and key regional stakeholders, Space North aims to compile a unified database of regional expertise and capabilities, facilitating collaboration and investment opportunities.

Investment Proposition: Based on the findings from the capability mapping phase, Space North develops a compelling investment proposition highlighting the region’s strengths and opportunities in resilient communication technology. This proposition serves as a cornerstone for attracting investment and fostering economic growth.

Research & Development Investments: Space North emphasizes investment in research and development to drive innovation and enhance capabilities within the space sector. Initiatives such as the UK’s inaugural CubeSat mission and contracts secured by companies like Filtronic underscore the commitment to advancing space technology and exploration.

Infrastructure Development: Strategic investments in facilities and technology infrastructure are essential for long-term development in resilient communication capabilities. Partnerships with organizations like the Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation and collaborations with industry giants like BAE Systems and IBM further bolster infrastructure and technology advancements.

National and International Partnerships: Collaborations with local authorities and international partners create opportunities for innovation, investment, and technology exchange. Space North leverages partnerships with global space companies and participation in trade missions to showcase regional strengths and attract foreign investments.

Investment Network: Through a series of network events, Space North aims to attract investors, stakeholders, and businesses while raising awareness of investment opportunities in the region. These events serve as platforms for showcasing capabilities, fostering collaborations, and driving investment in resilient communication technology.

Overall, the Space North initiative aligns with national and regional space strategies, focusing on goals such as economic growth, innovation, and international collaboration. By systematically building and promoting Northern England as a hub for resilient communication investment, Space North aims to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and position the UK as a leader in space technology and exploration.