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Our Network

Space Hub Yorkshire’s Guide to the Galaxy, brought to you by Shipley College, and supported by the UK Space Agency

One of the key objectives of Space Hub Yorkshire is to raise the aspirations of our communities and to inform them about the exciting opportunities that exist in the Space sector right here in Yorkshire.

To this end we have curated a series of interviews with inspirational members of the Space Hub Yorkshire community which simultaneously educate and inspire – Space Hub Yorkshire’s Guide to the Galaxy! They have been expertly produced by the clever Media students at Shipley College, West Yorkshire – the subjects are asked questions around what their jobs involve, what’s important about the Space sector in Yorkshire, how did they begin working in the Space sector, best piece of career advice and what they simply love about living in Yorkshire!

These real life case studies are aimed at helping young people looking to start work, people already in work, and the wider community find out about the exciting new careers and opportunities in Space on their doorstep in Yorkshire.

The first three of our Guides to the Galaxy introduce: