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Space skills for schools

Space Hub Yorkshire is passionate and dedicated to embedding Space skills in the region. A key part of this is through engaging with local schools, through providing talks and creating packs for teachers with worksheets, information pages, activities and quizzes to use in lessons.

Below are resources that can be used in schools. If you are interested in having a scientist from a university come and talk at your school please get in touch.

Yorkshire Space & Satellite Centre

We work closely with Yorkshire Space and Satellite Centre:

Working in partnership with the schools, colleges and universities across the region students will design; create; manufacture; fabricate and launch a satellite into Space. We will be providing outreach and inspiration programmes designed to improve the skills of the participants, enriching their experiences and illuminating the pathways into FE, HE and employment. Raising the aspirations of young people and providing opportunities is at our heart with a mission to reduce digital capital poverty through empowerment. 


Below are talks that have been delivered by Space Hub Yorkshire to schools, in spring 2021. These talks are by Eva Zand and Yvan Romé – if you are interested in having a talk at your school from a scientist please get in touch.

How can we use satellites for volcano monitoring?

Year 12-13 science students

A talk on using satellites to monitor volcano deformation, gases and lava flows.

Ice sheets in Yorkshire?

Secondary level

A presentation giving an introduction to ice sheets, showing evidence for ice sheets in the Yorkshire Dales and some satellite imagery of recent iceberg calving events. Photo by Stephen Oldfield.

Teaching materials

The following activities are designed at and have been created by scientist at the University of Leeds (Matilda Pimlott, Maeve Murphy Quinlan, Amethyst Johnson).

Air Quality from Space

Age 11-13

This pack contains exercises, a teachers pack and resource list for activities on monitoring air quality using satellites

Planetary Systems

Secondary level

This pack contains a pocket-sized guide to planetary exploration, a lesson plan on impact craters and multiple activities on building your own planetary system.


Secondary level

This pack contains information and an activity on observing hurricanes and weather using satellites, quizzes on hurricanes, and an exercise on reading weather fronts.

Online resources

Online material from SENSE, the Earth Observation Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Leeds and Edinburgh. These were designed during the 2020 lockdown, for teachers or parents to run virtually.

Escape from the International Space Station!

Key Stage 2 children (7 to 11)

A satellite-themed escape room activity. Each question has a puzzle to solve, to get a letter or number code to input into the the escape pod! Plus extension activities.

A Tour of Earth from Space

A challenge to identify Where On Earth these satellite images were taken!

Be Curious Research Festival 2021: Live From The Space Shed!

A video which includes topics such as observing the oceans from space, watching earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and how to build your own satellite!

Other online material, which can be used both in the classroom and at home.

Check Out The Satellites!

Key Stage 2 children (7 to 11)

A video created by SciShow Kids introducing human-made satellites and what they do for us here on Earth!