About GreenSpace Team

The GreenSpace Team

Core Members

Dr Christina Smith

Space Technology Lead

Christina is a Space Technology Lead co-leading the GreenSpace Project. Before joining Yorkshire Space Hub, Christina was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Oberlin College in the USA, leading research into the make-up of stars and the atmospheres of planets as well as teaching courses in physics and astronomy. Christina also spent five years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in planetary sciences at York University in Toronto where she was a member of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (“Curiosity”) Rover Science Operations Team, involved in planning and scheduling activities for the rover. Christina holds a PhD in Astrophysics and an MPhys in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester and the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

Dr CH Wendy Tsai

Space Technology Lead

Wendy is a Space Technology Lead co-leading the GreenSpace Project. She moved from an academic background in Geology. Before joining Space Hub Yorkshire, she led research into the occurrence of large earthquakes and the potential seismic hazards in Central Asia using remote sensing products. She has expertise in Earth Observation (both optical and radar satellite data), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their application in monitoring surface deformation. She was also involved in projects aiming to repurpose oil and gas data for identifying potential deep freshwater resources. Wendy holds a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Geosciences from the National Taiwan University.

David Brady

Project Manager

David received a BSc in Music Technology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Acoustics Engineering. He then went on to work as a chef, a bank manager, an acoustic consultant, and more recently a project manager in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds. His passion for Space led him to join the Space Hub Yorkshire team as a project manager in 2023. His creativity and project management skills merge in his work with SHY, where he seeks new opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration, whilst managing the workflow of SHY and its related projects.

Other Members

The GreenSpace Team also includes a group of Space and Green Finance experts who have technical and cluster development expertise, and whose time on this project is largely funded through in-kind commitments. These key personnel include:

Prof Iain Clacher 

Pro Dean for International at Leeds University Business School

Iain is Professor of Pensions & Finance. He is a recognised expert on pensions and savings and has worked with pension funds, asset managers, investment consultants, and regulators on key issues of CER governance and disclosure. Prof Clacher will represent academic interests of Green Finance stakeholders in the UK and will be supported by academic members appointed to the proposed Project Board.

Prof Anna Hogg

Founder of Space Hub Yorkshire & Professor in the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Anna is a Professor in the School of Earth and Environment (SEE), and Director of the NERC SENSE EO Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). Prof Hogg represents the UK’s EO community on advisory committees such as the UKSA’s EOAC, the NERC NAN, and an ESA Mission Advisory Groups (ROSE-L), in addition to many national and international research projects.

Glenn McCauley

Board Member of Space Hub Yorkshire

Glenn is a member of the Space Hub Yorkshire senior leadership team. He is also a business mentor and adviser at the University of Leeds. Glenn is an experienced financial and commercial adviser and NED who specialises in advising the private and public sectors on innovation and large-scale procurement. Glenn supports GreenSpace by liaising with and fostering professional collaborations between a wide network of business and industry partners.

Dr Gesa Reiss

Senior Innovation Fellow

Gesa is the Senior Innovation Fellow in Smart Agri-Systems at the University of Leeds. Dr Reiss has worked with agri-food industries as well as local government (e.g. Local Enterprise Partnerships) and has a track record in developing academic collaborations by articulating industrial benefits and applications of research.

Mandy Ridyard

Chair of Space Hub Yorkshire & Financial Director of Produmax & Chair of the West Yorkshire Innovation Network

Mandy is passionate about Innovation. As Chair of Space Hub Yorkshire she has collaboratively led the development of a regional strategy for space and its deployment. Her leadership has seen Produmax win two prestigious national aerospace awards and the MAKE UK SME of the year 2020.