About GreenSpace


In late 2022, the University of Leeds was awarded funding for ‘Dial Moving Activities’ regarding a GreenSpace Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) activity by the UK Space Agency (UKSA) on behalf of a consortium comprising the University of Edinburgh, the Spatial Finance Initiative, the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment (CGFI), and Space Hub Yorkshire. The funding is expected to: 

  1. Establish new networks at the intersection of Space, Agricultural and Financial technology.
  2. Deliver industry-led research projects that tackle key challenges in the practical application of GreenSpace-enabled financial models.
  3. Raising the profile of GreenSpace technologies regionally and nationally.

The GreenSpace Project harnesses Space Hub Yorkshire’s development and leverages Yorkshire’s position at the heart of Green Finance in the UK to connect the adjacent industrial sectors of Space Technology, Green Finance, and Agriculture, and embed the use of Space technology as a tool for implementing Green Finance solutions. GreenSpace builds on Yorkshire’s existing position at the intersection of the Green Finance and Space industries, bringing together business and academic communities to develop a vibrant new network for the UK. GreenSpace provides support to these sectors through dedicated expert staff and academic excellence in order to unlock economic growth and enable world-class academic research in Yorkshire, the North of England, and across the UK.


Catalyse additional investment into the space sector, with a particular focus on the agriculture and green finance industries. 

This objective will lead to the growth of the space business community in Yorkshire. Successful completion is defined as 300 new companies joining our network, with 20 joining the Space Enterprise Network, and 20 new commercial partnerships.

Create and safeguard employment in Yorkshire. 

With the growth of the space business community in Yorkshire and an increase in commercial partnerships will come an increase in employment and learning opportunities for the people of Yorkshire. Through the Yorkshire Pilot Study, an increase in investment across the space, agricultural, and financial sectors is anticipated, leading to more opportunities for the people of Yorkshire.

Facilitate collaborative research and development between academic and commercial partners.

By developing pilot and proof-of-concept projects, and increasing engagement with organisations currently outside of our network, we will facilitate the formation of new partnerships between industry and academia as well as cross-discipline partnerships. Successful completion of this objective is defined as producing six collaborative projects, winning three grant proposals with a goal of £3m in total, and 1 commercially funded project.

Raise awareness, both nationally and internationally of UK Space Sector capabilities.

Space Hub Yorkshire will produce a portfolio of high-quality promotional material to promote the region as a space hub and ongoing GreenSpace activities. Space Hub Yorkshire personnel will attend and support national and international space-related events to highlight the local space sector, its capabilities, and raise awareness of Yorkshire as a destination and partner for GreenSpace activities. Space Hub Yorkshire personnel will also support FDI and LEP/DIT investment campaigns to raise Yorkshire’s space sector profile.

Increase the number of space and non-space sector organisations engaging with the space sector and Space Hub Yorkshire. 

Space Hub Yorkshire will increase the number of space and non- space sector organisations engaging with the cluster and wider community. Events combining the space, agriculture, and financial sectors will facilitate additional engagement, leading to progress in GreenSpace-related activities. Successful completion of this objective is defined as hosting 6 events across the project, with 250 organisations engaging with SHY and 50 organisations engaging with Space North.

Getting Involved

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Strategic Alignment

The GreenSpace project focuses on connecting national goals with local expertise and is very closely aligned to the UKSA’s 2022-2025 plan for combating climate change using space technology[1]. In Yorkshire, local authorities have recognised a climate emergency, and GreenSpace will use space data to help meet both local and national climate change goals in the UK. Space Hub Yorkshire is seeking to build upon the success of the local space cluster to grow and realise the full economic potential of the GreenSpace sector. 

[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-space-agency-corporate-plan-2022-25