Space Hub Yorkshire

The case for Space

Space matters. Every time we go to work, turn on the television, make a mobile phone call, or engage the Sat Nav system in our car or smart phone, Space technology enables our modern life. Space also connects our Armed Forces and our humanitarian agencies around the world and delivers essential intelligence. Earth observation satellites are essential to monitoring and understanding the climate crisis.

Space-enabled technology and services will underpin £600bn of growth in UK GDP by 2030, delivering jobs that are 2.6 x more productive than the UK average. There are at least 143 innovative, growing Yorkshire businesses with known involvement or active interest in Space and many more for which Space could present major growth opportunities. These businesses are already drivers of the regional economy, increasing employment by 15% in the past three years.

Space Hub Yorkshire will harness Space businesses and academica to set apart the Yorkshire Region and deliver our vision:

Space Hub Yorkshire vision

Unlocking Space for the people and businesses of Yorkshire. Connecting, promoting, and guiding innovation. Raising skills, raising aspiration. Delivering prosperity.

Space Hub Yorkshire growth strategy and action plan

SHY will build 3 core functions to structure regional activity, delivering 18 practical and achievable short-term actions and 3 flagship projects based on regional strengths in earth observation and advanced computer techniques, additive manufacturing and secure communications.

To effectively leverage Space-enabled economic growth investment is now required to take action under three core functions – Space Hub Yorkshire: CAMPUS | AGENCY | NETWORK (CAN):