Space Hub Yorkshire

Who we are

We are passionate about Space and Yorkshire.

Space Hub Yorkshire is a coordinator of Space activity across the region, a catalyst for new satellite and geospatial data markets, a source of Space expertise, a facilitator of new collaborations, a driver of investments, a champion for Space start-ups and an advocate for Space research and industry opportunities.

Our vision:
Unlocking Space for the people and businesses of Yorkshire. Connecting, promoting, and guiding innovation. Raising skills, raising aspiration. Championing inclusion. Delivering prosperity.

What is Space?

The Space sector is more than astronauts and galaxies. It is:

Monitoring the environment with Earth Observation satellites
Connecting the world through Telecommunications
Navigating with Global Positioning Services
Designing and building planes, rockets and satellites
Developing new materials for aerospace and computing
Creating techniques and tools for analysing the data
– Inspiring the world with science fiction and art

And the people who do these roles.

What we offer

For businesses
  • Funding opportunities
  • Business development events and support
  • A way in to cutting-edge research in academia
  • Access to skills
For academics
  • A framework to facilitate new collaborations
  • Links to industry
  • Opportunity to host interns
For educators
  • Talks, practical sessions and resources to inform and inspire
  • Access to scientists and industry professionals
For students
  • Jobs, career advice and opportunities
  • Internships in the Space sector
  • Training programmes

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