SHY Intern Network Welcome Event

On 20th July 2021, Space Hub Yorkshire ran a virtual welcome event for students on the SHY summer intern network programme, undertaking research projects in various disciplines within environmental science, which utilise and manipulate satellite and remote sensing data. These students are working with academics and current postgraduates under the SENSE Earth Observation CDT or NERC Panorama DTP, based at universities across the country, as well as several industrial partners.

The event was led by Ruth Amey (SENSE Earth Observation CDT programme manager for the University of Leeds, responsible for SHY communications), who began with an introduction to the network and what SHY seeks to do. Emphasis was pushed on the connection between academia and industry, taking action under the three core functions of campus, agency, and network.

Students then learned about what a PhD is, and what one can do during and upon completion of a PhD. Ruth presented information about the SENSE Earth Observation CDT along with Eleanor Graham (SENSE programme manager for the University of Edinburgh) and Anna Hogg (Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, and SHY Founder). Sebastian Rost (Reader at the University of Leeds) then talked about the NERC Panorama DTP, for which he is director of.

Following this, the students were able to meet and chat more personally with the various academics and postgraduates, as well as fellow interns, associated with the programme. This provided them all with the opportunity to engage with one another and learn about research projects other students are undertaking, in an informal networking setting that they are sure to experience if they wish to continue on into academia or industry in the future.