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Ken Brockbank

As the Sector Manager for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering for the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Ken is responsible for attracting Inward Investment across a number of high value sectors including space.

Central to Ken’s role is:

  • The development of investment proposals where the Region demonstrates a world class or world leading capability in a particular sector.
  • Position the region as the ideal location for space companies to invest through promotion of the regions capability to an audience of investors in key international markets
  • Providing strategic and operational leadership in the development of bespoke investment proposals for companies in the UK and overseas looking to invest in the UK to establish new or expand existing operations.
  • Identifying and developing strategic public and private sector contacts and networks with space relevant markets around the world to open up trade and investment opportunities.

Prior to joining the LEP in 2013 Ken spent the majority of the previous 25 years working in the financial services sector, initially within the investment division of an international bank managing the assets and investments of high net worth clients, before moving into the Fintech sector and eventually creating and building a business providing consultancy, training and operational support to professional service firms looking to adopt and deploy financial technologies and management systems.