Space Hub Yorkshire at the South Yorkshire IoT Meet Up

Back in early April, Space Hub Yorkshire were kindly invited to speak at the South Yorkshire IoT Meet Up – hosted at the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley.

It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers in the Internet of Things sector and their contributions to the growing Space industry in the UK.

Speakers included representatives from Wyld Networks, Inmarsat and Connexin, as well as entrepreneurs based out of Digital Media Centre who are growing in the IoT sector. This included one entrepreneur who had created the blueprints for a bespoke 3D printed telescope.

Space Hub Yorkshire were lucky enough to present to the group and showcase the growing space sector in the region.

To exemplify the exciting developments in the sector, the SY IoT Meet Up has compiled a short video to highlight the strengths of IoT in the region and how this will contribute towards the growth of the space sector in Yorkshire: IoT in Space high quality.mp4 – Google Drive

If you would like to learn more and see some of the talks from the event, the presentations have been captured in full here: Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?id=%2Fsites%2FCurrentProjects%2FShared Documents%2FDMC IOC Streaming Event April 2022%2FClient Presentation Upload%2FIoT in Space – 5 April 2022%2Emp4&parent=%2Fsites%2FCurrentProjects%2FShared Documents%2FDMC IOC Streaming Event April 2022%2FClient Presentation Upload&p=true&ga=1

Space Hub Yorkshire would like to offer special thanks to the event organisers and hosts Mark Davies, Ceri Batchelder, Kane Fulton, Lauren Shale and Tracey Johnson.

For those interested in learning more about IoT in South Yorkshire, a further event focusing on Food and AgriTech will be held on Tuesday June 28th. Sign up here: South Yorkshire Internet of Things Meetup (SY IoT) (Sheffield, United Kingdom) | Meetup